The SPACESURFERSKULL concept design investigates the visualization of time-space paradoxes created by the superpower mostly known as 'Space Surfing', while evidently alluding to the Memento Mori as used by the celebration of the myth of violent death accalimed in history by dictatorships, and embraced  to youth indulging in extreme actions of annhiliations.


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effimera F O N D A Z I O N E

#myth #hybridization

#sciencefiction #hipPOP & #post-internet #thinking. #chessy #cheap

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Effimera is a private art foundation estabilished in 2013. Because of its activities aimed to the enhancement of digital arts in Italy, the foundation gained appointment in march 2013 by decree of the regional council of Lombardy. [ Ref. Regional Council of Lombardy, decree no. 2234 3/13/2013, License Regional register no. 2555 ] Effimera Fondazione creates Art project involving curators, artists and authors in both private and public projects .